Jumpsuit Lifestyle


Jumpsuits to me represent many diverse qualities from action, adventure to manual labor. Jumpsuits are worn by people that push the envelope like skydivers, downhill skiers, astronauts and high speed racers. Also people incarcerated in institutions that are full of life’s most dangerous criminals who made their own rules. That combined with the absurdity of characters like Ralph Furley played by Don Knott’s in Three’s Company. Also the Big Lewbowski’s Jesus Quintana played by John Turturro. Plus entertainers from Elvis, Devo, Beastie Boys, Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, Slipknot, etc... This exquisite modern day jumpsuit embodies all of these qualities, fun, dangerous, sexy... Made for confident men of adventure, leisure and excitement.
— Jeff Hilliard made in Los Angeles, CA